Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor & Exhaust Pressure Sensor

The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor measures the temperature of the exhaust gas, is usually located in front of the turbocharger and in front/after the diesel particulate filter, it exists both in petrol and diesel vehicles.

Weili Sensor offers a line of PT200 EGT Sensor - Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor.

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1) PT200 platinum resistance from Heraeus Germany

2) Up to 1000℃ and 850℃ continuous operation

3) Teflon insulated wire

4) Closed tip design:

·Against the corrosion erosion in exhaust flow

·Can mount in any orientation

·More consistent response time over the lifetime

·Minimal variation due to orientation

·Drop tested to 2 meters

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

The Exhaust Pressure Sensor is a differential sensor measuring the pressure difference between gas in the intake and the outtake of the particulate filter.

Weili Sensor offers a line of DPF Sensor - Exhaust Pressure Sensor.

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1) Temperature range from -40 to +125 °C

2) Pressure range max. 100 kPa

3) PBT+30GF full body injection

4) Tin soldered by automated operation

5) Less than 1ms reaction time